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We have plenty of reasons for you to allow, our in-house team of tax experts to prepare & file your tax returns online. You may make the most of our services, with prices starting at Rs 4,999 only.

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    Simplified Tax Preparation Process

    Register online with your credentials
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    Upload the tax documents on our secure portal
    Preparation and review of your tax return
    Approval from the taxpayer
    Filing of the return online

    Why choose USTaxFiling for NRI tax e-filing?

    We have many satisfied customers availing the services of USTaxFiling for making their regular tax payments, all at the single click of the upload button! Our team of tax professionals and chartered accountants proactively manage your account to resolve your tax worries and protect your best interest.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A non-resident needs to file tax return in India in case he meets any of the criteria mentioned below:

    •  Total income earned is more than the basic exemption limit
    • To claim a refund from income tax department
    • In case of a loss that you need to carry forward or in order to set-off gains
    • Income from longor short term capital gains; or on an account of sale of assets/investments irrespective of the gain amount
    It is possible to file returns without having to be physically present. USTaxfiling provides a one stop solution for all your tax matters and supports you in all related processes.
    Non-residents can avail the benefits of tax exemption. However income derived from long term capital gains, or due from short term capital gains are taxed at special rates, such gains are not exempt from income tax for the non-resident.

    Non-Resident Indian is a person residing outside India who is:

    • Either a citizen of India or,
    • A person of Indian origin
    • Travelled outside India for employment purpose during the current Financial Year
    • A person of Indian origin or an Indian citizen visiting India
    • A person of Indian origin or an Indian citizen leaving India as a member of crew of an Indian ship