Everything about US taxation and foreign pensions

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Knowing about foreign pensions might be tough, especially when you already have to relocate the often difficult taxation process of the USA while staying overseas! Whether you are thinking to retire abroad or move back to the United States of America, you must be aware of these things related to foreign pensions. Such as, you have to understand the answer to the question: Are foreign pensions taxable in the United States of America?

Foreign Pensions and US Taxation: The Basics

Let us understand whether foreign pensions are taxable in the United States of America. More than Americans staying overseas face taxation from the country in which they live and US taxation. The expat community size makes the tax implications of foreign pensions a vital subject.

IRS does not include foreign pensions eligible plans like those in the United States. It means that Americans abroad are often surprised to see a higher tax bill due to their employer’s contribution to the foreign pension. Also, expat might find that they have to pay double taxes on foreign pensions in their host country and US. To make the most of the retirement savings and eliminate overpayment, ensure you know about these things about US taxation and file proper requirements for foreign pensions.

Is a Pension From a Foreign Country Taxable in the US?

Many foreign pension plans are subjected to taxation in the United States of America. To know the differences between their abroad and US pensions counterparts, let us know about tax treatment implied to foreign pensions plans that might aid in explaining: is a pension from a foreign nation taxable?

Taxation of Foreign Pension Contributions

As foreign pensions are not qualified plans, the contribution of the employee does not decrease the taxable US income of the employee. Also, the contribution of the employer to a foreign pension fund increases the taxable income of the employee.

US Taxation of Foreign Pension Income

With particular US-qualified pensions, income accrues are tax-free. Also, foreign pensions are treated as the income of participants, which is subjected to annual taxes. In a few scenarios, it is punitive if the foreign plan fund invests in exchange-traded funds or foreign mutual funds. These are categorized by the IRS as PFICs or passive foreign investment companies.

Double Taxation on Overseas Pensions

Foreign pensions leave professionals vulnerable to two types of double taxation. First, foreign pension fund distributions are taxed by the country of stay and by the US. But in a few scenarios, you may eliminate being taxed by claiming an FTC or foreign tax credit from both nations.

The second kind of double taxation on foreign pension accounts takes place under US regulation, where you have to pay taxes twice when they are paid out and when they accrue. Tax treaties make it simple for Americans to participate in foreign pension plans without incurring double taxation. You must ensure to know if the United States has entered into any tax treaty with your country of stay.

How to Report Foreign Pension Income

The foreign pensions reporting needs are often tough, as additional requirements might exist on top of employer contributions report to income earned from the pension on your US income tax return and foreign pensions. You might also have to use the following forms on how to report foreign pension income varying on your particular case:

  • Form 8621: needed if PFIC guidelines apply
  • Form 3520: needed if you have any transactions with a foreign company or trust
  • Form 8938: needed for reporting on all foreign financial properties that include foreign pensions, if you meet the filing criteria
  • Form 3520 A: needed for trustees, and it includes details about the grantor’s requirements to file the 3520 form.
  • FinCEN form 114 (FBAR)- this form fulfills the needs of foreign banks and financial accounts if you meet the filing needs.

You must know which forms apply to your particular case, and it might not always be straightforward, so better to connect with an expat tax expert to consider US taxation needs as the best idea.

Need More Info About Foreign Pension Plans and US Taxation?

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