The Checklist to get completely prepared for expat tax planning for 2023

 The 2022 Year is coming to an end, and are you prepared for 2023? With all the excitement for the new year, it is also important that you are prepared for 2023 with your tax planning. Do you need help with your tax planning for 2023? Are you prepared for expat tax planning? If not, then you have come to the best and most amazing place at We at have prepared the complete Checklist for 2023 that you must follow. Stay tuned and continue to read this article on Checklist to plan your taxes for 2023.

2022 is coming to an end, and a little bit of expat tax planning may assist you in having a smooth transition into the new year. You must use our five-step Checklist to make sure that you are completely prepared for 2023. In this article, we will discuss the expat tax planning checklist for 2023.

#1: Collect Your US Travel Documents

First thing comes first: You must find your paperwork that shows how much time you spent in 2022 in the United States. It may assist in simplifying your expat tax process in 2023 as you don’t have to think if you will use the Bona Fide Residence Test or Physical Presence Test to become eligible for saving the amount on FEIE or Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

The FEIE helps you to exclude $108,700 for your 2022 taxes and for 2023 $112,000, so it is best to do the advance legwork for the amount this expat tax planning is going to save you.

#2 Decrease Your Liability of Taxes

You should take steps to make sure that you don’t pay additional on your expat taxes for 2022. You may decrease your liability of taxes by donating to charities, but there is something that you must keep in mind that ensure that the charities are well-known by the internal revenue service, as not all international charities are. Once you are aware that you have chosen a proper charity, then include the donation on Schedule A Form 1040.

Also, remember that: even if you pledged to donate a particular amount of cash to a charity, you might only claim the amount of deduction the year that the company gets your donation.

Also, make sure you don’t forget to increase your contributions to your IRA, which are tax deductible. So, the more you can contribute, the less income you may have for the United States to tax.

#3 Take Inventory of Your Stock Market Losses

If you have any particular plan for a good year for investments, you didn’t check any losses. If so, it is best for you. But, if you did experience any of the losses, ensure you take benefit of tax loss harvesting.

What does it mean? It means that you sell a few of your winners to know the gain, and you sell a few of your losers to offset that profit and reduce your income taxes. It is the best option to rebalance your portfolio without taking any huge capital gain tax strikes.

#4 Understand the Changes Coming in 2023 to Help with the Expat Tax Planning Process

There are several tax transformations that President has proposed that might impact expats:

  • A Surtax on high earners
  • A minimum tax rate global for corporations of 15 percent
  • More enforcement of the IRS
  • An expanded tax on Medicare may apply to pass-through entities.
  • An increase to the SALT or State and Local Tax limits.

None of the proposed guidelines have been passed, and you must keep an eye on the blog for current updates and insights. We at will ensure to help you as soon as there are any amendments.

#5 Make Plans with Your Greenback Accountant

You must keep your accountant in the loop of any huge financial transformations that you may have undergone and make plans to get your income taxes done ASAP in 2022. There is no feeling like not having to wonder about your income taxes for the rest of the year.

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