Are you aware of the tax deadlines by country? Do you wish to get updates related to tax deadlines? Then, you have come to the right place at USTAXFiling, where you will get all the tax updates. Stay tuned and get in detail information on filing taxes by country. All citizens of the United States meet specific income criteria to file an income tax return in the United States every year. The standard due date for this is 15 April. Expats also get an automatic extension till 15 June with a possible further extension till 15 October if you request it.

Also, many Americans who stay overseas have to know the income tax deadlines for the country.

To assist with that, here is a list of tax deadlines that you must know:

Income Tax Deadlines by Country 

Australia: 31 October

Albania:30 April

Argentina: 30 April

Brazil: 30 April

Chile: 30 April

Canada:30 April

Costa Rice:15 February

China: 30 June

Dominican Republic:31 March

El Salvador:30 April

France: May-June

Germany: 31 June (31 December if tax filing is done by a tax consultant

Hong Kong: Within one month of the issue

Honduras:30 April

India:31st July

Ireland:31st October (Mid-November if you file an electronic income tax return

Italy: 30 November

Israel: 30 April

Japan: 15 March

Lebanon: 1 April

Mexico: 30 April

Norway:30 April

Netherlands: 1 May

Nicaragua: 90 days after year-end

New Zealand: 7 July

Norway:30 April

Panama:15 March

Pakistan: 30 September

Portugal: 31 March

Philippines: 15 April

Puerto Rico: 15 April

South Korea: 31 May

Singapore: 15 April

Sweden: 2 May

Spain: 30 June

South Africa: Decided each year through government notice

Switzerland: Between 31 March and 30 April differs by municipality

Taiwan: 31 May

United Kingdom: 31 October (31 January if you file the income tax return electronically)

Do you need any assistance with your expat income tax return?

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