Foreign Earned Income Tax 1040 Examples and Worksheets

Do you want to know about foreign earned income tax 1040 examples and worksheets? Do you have any earned income overseas and thinking about how to report it on your expat taxes in the United States of America? Then, this blog is for you, where we will guide you with all the current insights related to your foreign earned income tax. So, continue to read this blog and get all the insights in one place. 

 How will you report your income on your expat taxes in the United States while you stay overseas? While staying overseas, your income will be reported in a similar way, as it will be better if you stay in the United States. If you have earned income overseas and are thinking about how to report it on your United States expat taxes, in this blog, we will prepare you with what you have to understand to report your income to the internal revenue service or IRS with a foreign earned income tax example and worksheet.

Reporting Foreign Earned Income on US Expat Income Taxes

You must keep a good record to keep throughout the year so that there is accurate preparation of United States expat taxes. It does not matter the type you file out. It is specifically necessary when the time comes to report foreign income, as nothing will be overlooked. You must note that income should be reported regardless of where it was earned first, what the taxes paid on it and what currency is earned.

The types of income that will be included on Form 1040 for your United States expat taxes are:

  • Ordinary dividends
  • Schedule B- Taxable interest
  • Salaries and wages that include taxable advantages such as employer- housing, paid foreign taxes, relocation allowances
  • Credits, returns, local income tax, and other offset taxes
  • Business loss or income- Schedule C-EZ or C
  • Capital losses or gains- Schedule D
  • Alimony received
  • IRA distributions
  • Other losses or gains- Form 4797
  • Farm income
  • Compensation on unemployment
  • Annuities and pensions
  • Royalties, S-corps, Rental real estate, trusts, and partnerships- Schedule E
  • Social security advantages
  • Other income

If you have earned any type of the above income, you must have the proper paperwork to discuss how the income was earned and evidence that the amount reported on the United States expat taxes is the best thing in case of any event of an Internal revenue service audit.

You must have to get details about the deductions that are applicable and should be reported on the United States expat taxes. These things include:

  • Alimony paid
  • Specific business expenses like the 2106 form
  • Health savings deductions of account- Form 8889
  • Educator expenses
  • Deductions of IRA
  • Hefty charges on early withdrawal of savings
  • Expenses that are moving for members of the Armed forces
  • Other deductions
  • Interest in student loan

You must get several of this paperwork from the particular taxpayers throughout the calendar year, but it is necessary to keep everything in one place so that details are available when it is time to fill out your 1040 form for expat taxes in the United States.

Suzan and Brian expat 1040 form examples: Completing form 1040 for Expat taxes of United States

You should note that assuming the financial year of 2021, they will:

  • Not get any advance child tax payment credit
  • They will file the income tax return in a timely manner
  • They will get the corresponding amount for their third EIP or economic impact payment

Once you get all the deductions and income linked with your income tax return, you must be ready to complete the 1040 form of your United States expat taxes. In order to demonstrate the system of completing the form, let us discuss Brian’s expat. Brian and his wife, Suzan, are citizens of the United States and have stayed in Pennsylvania all their lives. They might have gotten married in 2020 and have been staying in Thailand since then. They also have two small kids, Kelvin and Audra, expat.

Brian is working for a Thai organization that handles American clients and has been working since 2020 January 1. Brian is earning more than THB 4,000,000, which translates into $125,012 at the average exchange rate annually. Suzan, on the other hand, does freelance writing work from home while taking care of their young kids, which earned Suzan $10,000. They have a savings bank account back in the United States that generates $1,000 in interest income. The last source of income in 2020 was due to the sale of the second asset in the United States, which gave a profit of $30,000

For business expenses that are deductible, Suzan completed an online course in Thai that was organized by the department of the United States of Education. The cost of the course was $300 and was related to work for six weeks, as Suzan is attempting to have articles published in the Thai language. Also, there are a few other expenses in her business, such as a new laptop that costs $1,000. Brian is still paying back the education loan that he took in Pittsburgh, which allows him to deduct the interest of $200 that he paid. With these details, we will prepare form 1040 for the US expat taxes.

Where to report and fill out 1040 foreign income on the 1040 example

The first thing how to fill out the 1040 form is going to be completing the insight part. It includes the name of your partner, your name if you are filing jointly, and any of the departments that you might be claiming. As Suzan and Brian are jointly filing this year, they might both include the details in their section. Their kid’s details are also mentioned in the 1040 example.

Suzan and Brian might report their income on the United States expat taxes by using the proper documentation of taxes from Suzan’s accountant and Brian’s employer, the sale of the bank statement, and assets that proves the interest they might have earned.

Most of the earned income might be directly reported on the first page of the 1040 form. The wages of Brian are listed on Wages, salaries, tips, Line 1. The income interest might be listed as Taxable interest on Line 2b.

As Suzan and Brian are both citizens of the United States who have stayed overseas the entire financial year, they become eligible for the FEIE or foreign earned income exclusion. The foreign-earned income exclusion might apply to everyone separately. The maximum amount for 2022 of foreign earned income exclusion was $112,000 for every qualifying individual. Due to this, Brian becomes eligible to exclude $112,000 of his $125,012 in wages, and Suzan may exclude the $8,700 amount as she earned from Freelance writing. It might reflect on this total of $120,700 foreign earned income exclusion on the nine lines of Schedule one and also link the 2555 individual forms that flow to Line 8 form 1040, reducing the income. In a similar way, Suzan’s deductible portion of Line 15 Schedule 1 self-employment tax and Line 21 Schedule 1 loan interest of Brian’s student might flow to their form Line 10 1040, which decreases their income too.

Calculating Taxes That Are Owed: Form Example 1040

The first thing to consider regarding how much you have to pay on the United States expat taxes is considering the taxable income. As Suzan and Brian are filing jointly in the form 1040 example, they are permitted to $25,100 standard deduction. It will decrease their taxable income to $21,558 

( Form 1040 of Line 15)

When you calculate your income taxes that are owned on your United States expat taxes, that might be intimidating, but the internal revenue service offers you useful methods to know how much you owe. If you have earned less than $100,000, you will get your income tax rate on pages 65- 76 of the internal revenue service guidelines for the 1040 form. If you have earned more than $100,000, you may use the tables that are seen on page 77 of the internal revenue service guidelines for the 1040 form.

It is vital to note that when you claim the FEIE or foreign earned income exclusion, there is a specific worksheet to complete to calculate the income tax because of the financial year. You will get this on page 35 of the internal revenue service guidelines for the 1040 form.

For the total amount owed, Suzan and Brian might decrease their income taxes with specific credits. As expats, they might claim a credit on foreign sources of income for foreign taxes. When you claim FEIE or foreign earned income exclusion, the amount of foreign tax accrued or paid should be scaled down to reflect the part of the foreign income source that was excluded from your income. Suzan and Brian paid $301 of Thai income tax after taking into account the deductions or foreign-earned income exclusions. Suzan and Brian have no amounts of foreign tax credits to use for 2021. There is no available tax credit on foreign taxes. Suzan and Brian might use the child tax credit as a child tax credit of $3,234 to decrease their income taxes, as shown on Line 19, Form 1040.

Suzan is responsible for taxes on self-employment on her net profits of a business that are accounted for on Schedule SE and Schedule 2. After determining these additional taxes and credits, the total amount due is seen on Form 1040 Line 37 is $1,229.

The final steps to complete a 1040 form for United States expat taxes are signing the form and filling out the proper details if needed, and sending it to the proper agency with the proper payment.

1040 Example: Completing Form 1040: 1040 Example

Now that Suzan and Brian have finished their taxes for the financial year 2021, they only have to concentrate on staying compliant with the internal revenue services moving forward. The best option to do so is to become aware of the deadline for expats and keep the details for completing the income tax returns to come in the future, including the prior income tax returns, and you must keep all the information up to date with the annual amendments of tax policies. It is best to speak to a professional about your expat taxes in the United States to eliminate the expensive mistakes and time-consuming things.

More Details On US Expat Taxes

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